To make getting ready easier.

We set out to create pieces that you feel you can wear in just about any facet of your life. We chose silk because while it looks and feels luxurious it’s still breathable and functional at the same time. Our pieces are made for you to show them off, to be seen, and to feel your absolute best. These pants went through so many different designers' hands to ensure they did what they’re meant to do– which is to be worn. Quality doesn’t come by the thousands, it comes in small batches and made with the right intentions for people who will hang them in their closets for a long time and love them and wear them.



Stapl was founded, designed and made in Vancouver BC. Our team is made up of passionate people who share a love for quality, experiences, essentialism and being. We carefully sourced the silk that we use to ensure it is the best quality for long-lasting use and machine washability. We work closely with skilled sewers and pattern makers locally to craft each pair of pants with care and attention to detail.

We share a love nature and fashion, our aim us to unite the two together in our own unique way.